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First Page Apparel Co.,  is a complete fashion related and efficiently managed apparel merchant export & sourcing solution in South India, Who sincerely take an entire responsibility of an effectual sourcing and exporting a high quality knitted garments, woven garments, Leather apparels, Leather accessories & Home textiles along with an assistance of our young energetic team members.


In this fast world we are really undesired to make our clients boredom by spending lot of time on reading about us –Who we are – What we do – Our vision & Mission Bla., etc., We just straight away stated our work style as given below :-

  • Based on clients’ requirement we choose the factory from our wide range of supplier base, since we are having a concrete relationship with more than 66 + factories in and around the country, which are exclusively isolated up based on the fabric wise, style wise, workmanship wise, quantity wise & price wise.
  • We have intelligently segregated up the factories based on the products, quantity & pricing, which will make simpler to get best negotiated pricing and order related update rapidly from the selected vendors, without spending more time for searching the factories.
  • Before placing the orders we prioritize to visit the factory to inspect their infrastructure, work standard, analyzing the quality of their existing bulk products, scrutinizing their previous shipment history Testing reports, AQL levels, quality standard, production methodology, current production capacity, time and action of bulk production and predominantly to check about their reliability.
  • We would like to provide you an evidence of our successful work rather than giving an assurance orally or by writing on our website.



We proudly believed our self that we have a strong Sourcing ability of exporting high quality knitted Garments, Woven garments for Men’s, Women’s, Kids, Infants, Big & Tall, Leather apparels & Accessories and in addition, our Sourcing & Exports include home textile products, We have a practical experience by closely working with the relevant industry more than a decade in manufacturing and sourcing of Knitted and Woven Garments, Home Textiles, Leather apparel and accessories along with our well expertise Sourcing, Quality Assurance & Merchandising teams, who are really young and energetic & who have been successfully working with us to bring the quality goods, and deliver on time shipment at attractive price for our valuable clients, We assure you that the each and every goods you import are manufactured from the good standard factories.


We have a very good rapport with more than 66 + factories who have been travelling with us for long time in our business journey and we have categorized the factories in 3 different ranges 1.HIGH QUALITY, 2.NORMAL QUALITY, 3.AVERAGE QUALITY based on price & quality.

We primarily choose ISO certified manufacturers & we ensure that the garments meet the social-environmental compliances approved by SA 8000, SEDEX, DISNEY, BSCI, OEKOTEX and WRAP.

We assist our clients to carefully inspect the practices of the manufacturer to check their strength before placing the order.

Price Negotiation

Price negotiation is one of the major part in all the industry although we don’t spend more time on price negotiation because based on our realistic advice to all our suppliers to get more clients, more business, and in order to expand the business, most of our suppliers are agreed the practicality and offering us a very reasonable price so we are effortlessly getting competitive price, without any compromise on quality.


100 % Cotton, Poly Cotton, 100 % Polyester, 100 % Viscose, 100 % Rayon, Polyacryilic, Poly, Viscose, Organic Cotton, Poly Cotton, Bamboo Organic Cotton Etc.,


Two & three thread fleece, Printed fleece, Polar Jacquard, Plain & printed Cotrai, Pogo, Polar burn out, Glacier stripes, Sherpa, Coral fleece, coral print, coral discharge, Single jersey, pique and Sherpa bonded jacquard, Standing pile jacquard, Auto stripes quilt, Special color melange in all structure, Fleece Fabric, 1×1 Rib fabric, Polar Fleece, Interlock step Fabric, Drop needle interlock, Terry fabric, Rib – flat back Mini Mesh fabric, Pointed Drop, Needle Rib fabric, Micro fabric, Honey Comb fabric, All over printed single jersey fabric, 2×2 Rib fabric etc.,


Plain weave solid fabric, Yarn Dyed fabric check, Yarn Dyed Stripe, Printed Fabric, Twill, Velvet, Denim, Sand blast shade of Denim, Embossed fabric, Brocade fabric, Chambray fabric, Chenille fabric, Corduroy fabric (wrap Pile),Crepe fabric (satin weave),Denim texture, Printed Denim, Skin texture – Denim, Flannel fabric, Gabardine fabric, Dogtooth, Herringbone Fabric – Twill weave, Matt Weave – Plain weave, Oxford fabric, Rip stop Oxford, Solid Poplin, Printed Poplin, Seer Sucker fabric, Taffeta fabric, Terry fabric, Velour


The Designs are varied by country to country, person to person, culture to culture & the Seasons play a most significant role in the concept of designs such as Spring, Summer, Autumn, Fall, Winter, etc… hence we are keen in delivering an admirable designs according to the seasons from our wide-ranging selection of fabric to beautify the designs based on the seasons, We also share with our clients the target of making the fashion development, Our designers, production managers, merchandisers are also dedicated to lend a hand and to advise our clients during the major step of preproduction,  Our young energetic & passionate designer team is persistently monitoring the demands of Shapes, styles, Patterns, Fabrics and colors of the latest trend for making mass market opportunities.


The samples are effectively made to meet the client’s specifications and our innovative creation based on latest fashion trend up to a minute in the global market.

Bulk Production

We are always grateful to the aptitude of our team during the production phase, with an assurance process and steady quality control, we promise an outcome in line with our clients’ requirements. We develop the product according to buyer’s requirement and specifications. Throughout the Bulk production we follow up periodically to meet the standards and quality and our team consistently update the client about the progress in production. We trust our proficiency allow us to insure with sufficiency of our product developments, production and import cost optimization, trustworthiness of our delivery date and the assurance of the highest quality certifying each of our products.

Factories we are working with :- 


Quality Assurance

We monitor the quality at all stages from pre-production, mid inspection to post-production. We follow with total quality management (TQM) which is a combination of quality control and quality assurance. We adopted a globally acclaimed system of quality evaluation known as the AQL (Accepted Quality Level). This system helps in judging the quality of the produced products by identifying and categorizing the defects.

Logistics & Shipment:- 

Our logistics division handles all the shipping documents to ensure that we have the correct shipping documents and get prior approval from the client before and post shipment to make sure of trouble free delivery to the destination.

Audit & Consulting

Our skilled team realizes a complete audit of our clients’ supply chain (collection, sourcing plan, process, logistic, benchmark,)

They propose the necessary improvements and assist on finding solutions to modernize the company procedure with the requirements of the market.

MOQ :-

To satisfy & value all the clients, we focus on all category clients such as Smaller, Bigger & premium clients,  We are making our self flexible to do any quantity but still based on some practical reason we fixed up our MOQ as follows :-

Woven garments: – 300 pcs per colour/design

Knitted garments: – 500 pcs per colour/design

Home Textiles: – 1200 pcs per color/design

Leather Apparel: – 300 pcs per colour

Leather accessories:- 700 pcs per colour/design ( leather bags, wallets, leather shoes & Belts

Since most our suppliers are having enough financial back ground to invest for big volume orders, hence we are immensely pleasured to commit to execute any massive volume orders.




I have been successfully working with an apparel Industry more than a decade in the responsibility of Quality Assurance, Production, Merchandising, Marketing & Sourcing etc., among the years of travel with my international clients, I evidently found a wide range of clients still keep looking for a best sourcing companies & Factories across the world to get their lesser MOQ such as 300 – 500  pcs per color,  Predominantly at  reasonable price !

In this circumstances most of the clients were hesitated to travel often to visit the foreign factories and sourcing companies to initiate such lesser quantity orders by spending a big money for their travelling by which they lose their small profit what they get for such smaller quantity, In this scenario I have noticed many clients were abruptly ignored working with Foreign companies and started placing their orders locally and getting their shipment from the local factories even though the prices are very high.

 And I am worried about the lesser MOQ clients who struggle a lot to choose their global suppliers without inspecting their infrastructure, without analyzing the quality of their products, Without checking their reliabilities, this is how the reason of my company establishment in quite a while, which decided by myself to register a company rapidly to support the lesser MOQ clients across the world.

Once after taking a deep survey and analyzing the demand for the lesser MOQ Manufacturers and Sourcing companies, after that I strongly determined to support the lesser MOQ clients worldwide and we made the same as our vision and mission of our company!  

Owner of First Page Apparel  Co.,

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